Occupational Safety and Health

As PROSER CHEMICALS, with the mission of “producing sustainable solutions for textiles”, for the continuity of a healthy and safe working environment with our employees;

In order to prevent injuries and health deterioration during all kinds of activities in our workplace;

  • We identify and evaluate risks and take measures to minimize their effects.
    We monitor occupational health and safety (OHS) management, performance and effectiveness, set targets, implement and continuously improve them.
  • We undertake to comply with all legal requirements regarding occupational health and safety and the conditions of the organizations we are a member of.
  • We document, implement and maintain our OHS management system open to employee access.
  • We benefit from the ideas of our employees, consult them and ensure their participation in activities and improvements related to OHS.

As PROSER CHEMICALS management, we lead for the complete implementation of the OHS management system and offer the commitment to integrate the OHS management system requirements into the business processes of the institution.

We announce the PROSER CHEMICALS OHS Policy and keep it open to the public and relevant parties in order to spread the OHS culture and increase the awareness of responsibility.

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